HSBC sets out net zero ambition

The world is rich with perspectives and cultures. We believe uniting and understanding these differences is the key to growing smarter, stronger businesses that prosper now and in the future.

At HSBC, we support 1.5 million companies across 53 countries and territories by providing financial support and expertise to help them cross borders and prosper.

Visions of Our City

Together celebrating UN World Cities day

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HSBC Navigator

What does a challenging 2020 hold for your business and how are other companies preparing for the future? Find out in HSBC’s latest Navigator Resilience report with the views of 2,600 business decision makers from across the world.

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Our annual survey provides insights shared by businesses like yours, covering a variety of key topics such as business outlook (confidence), trade, digital technology, working capital, sustainability and more. We survey over 10,000 business decision makers across 39 countries and territories to find out what they are thinking, acting on and doing now, what opportunities lie ahead along with the challenges they face when growing their business

What does a challenging 2020 and beyond hold for your business and how are other companies preparing for the future?  Find out in our latest Navigator report.

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Supporting Businesses through COVID-19

Our teams are here for you and your business. Across our local offices, we are working hard to maintain the support and services provided for you.

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HSBC continues to monitor the situation very closely, liaising with government and public health officials in the countries where we operate. Our priority is the wellbeing of our customers and staff.

HSBC's size and structure allows us to support you from multiple sites and in addition, we have implemented extensive homeworking capabilities, split-site operations and work transfer to increase our flexibility..


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- Learn about the pandemic’s impact on business innovations, digital technology, sustainability initiatives and our network

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