Sustainability for businesses

Mobilising the global transition

With change, comes opportunity. As the world changes, we understand our customers have evolving needs to unlock opportunity for sustainable growth and a need to act with our ecosystem of resources, tools, relationships and solutions. Our sustainability strategy has, at its core, a commitment to support our customers understand and act on their transition to lower emissions and to help them achieve their wider sustainability ambitions. We're mobilising finance and accelerating innovation to make this happen, working in partnership with our customers and those developing innovate climate tech to realise the opportunity to build a more sustainable, resilient, and prosperous future.

How we support our clients

Inspiration from our clients

Explore how our global clients are acting on their sustainability ambitions and driving impact for their business, employees and communities.

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Expert voices

Hear from our experts and industry partners on global transition, macro dynamics, policy and how we are delivering sustainable solutions and guidance to help you transition.

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Explore the latest analysis industry dynamics with HSBC Global Research and some of our latest reports that unlock opportunity linked to sustainability.

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Transition Pathways: Energy

With today's headwinds of energy security and inflation adding to the challenge of tackling the climate crisis, how are energy companies moving ahead with a resilient, affordable and orderly energy transition? Explore HSBC's Transition Pathways which brings together industry insights and sector expertise to help business leaders act on their transition plans.

Getting to net-zero checklist

Most companies aim to reach net-zero emissions, but there are significant challenges to overcome along the way. That’s why HSBC has commissioned The Economist Intelligence Unit to develop an interactive net-zero checklist, based on insights from real businesses like yours, which can help you generate a tailored plan to help prepare you for the transition.

The role we play in the global transition

With our global scale, deep expertise and strong presence in emerging markets, we’re playing an important role in the transition to a more sustainable world and through policy and partnerships. We are committed to:

  • Aiming to provide USD750bn – USD1trn of sustainable finance and investment to support customer transitions and a sustainable future
  • Accelerating new climate solutions in areas such as nature, clean technology, and sustainable infrastructure
  • Inspiring and partnering with our customers to invest to support positive change
  • Influencing the global policy agenda to promote a just and inclusive transition
  • Aligning our financed emissions – the greenhouse gas emissions of our portfolio of clients – to net zero by 2050

Recent news

HSBC becomes partner in Breakthrough Energy Catalyst

HSBC to invest USD100m to accelerate green technologies earmarked by Breakthrough Energy Catalyst. Catalyst supports decarbonisation of high-carbon sectors via four climate critical technologies – direct air capture, clean hydrogen, long-duration energy storage, and sustainable aviation fuel.

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We're phasing out coal financing

We are committing to phase out thermal coal financing, in a net-zero aligned timeline, in a way which enables HSBC to help finance a just transition in emerging markets.

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Centre of Sustainable Finance

Our Centre of Sustainable Finance provides industry thought leadership about transforming the global economy and strengthening the financial system response to climate change.

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The changing face of sustainability

A dramatic shift towards a more sustainable future

Find out more from the HSBC Sustainable Financing & Investing Survey 2021.

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