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At HSBC, our expertise and global network is committed to helping clients transition to more renewable, sustainable and ethical practices.

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The COP26 climate summit produced a frenzy of activity and plenty of headlines, but did it deliver the commitments needed to avert a climate crisis? Our latest issue puts the key announcements under the microscope and looks ahead to the agenda for 2022. The magazine also digs into the science behind climate accounting, nuclear fusion – and much more.

Delivering net-zero supply chains

Delivering Net Zero Supply Chains' report calculates that up to half of the anticipated $100trn needed to finance the transition would need to go to the SME sector. This raises additional complexity to the climate challenge as SMEs typically have less in-house climate expertise, and more limited access to capital to drive and fund climate transformation. The report sets out a roadmap for this transition based on 7 key principles alongside specific actions for key stakeholder groups.

Green financing and investing gains momentum

HSBC’s Sustainable Financing and Investing Survey is a comprehensive global survey of 2,000 capital market issuers and institutional investors. It charts the trends and evolving sentiment around green financing and investing to help you understand how to move forward towards a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient world. The 2021 Sustainable Financing and Investing Survey covers 19 industries and spans 24 territories in the Americas, Europe, MENAT, Asia, and ASEAN. See our full suite of regional and country deep-dive reports.

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