Subsidiary Banking: HSBC's International Network Model

From consolidating bank accounts to leveraging your company's global credit position in subsidiaries globally, HSBC's International Subsidiary Banking teams can deliver compelling benefits to both parent companies and their subsidiaries, helping to facilitate growth and open up a world of opportunities. Check out the sections below to learn more about how a range of our local teams can support you today.

Find out more from some of our ISB Country Heads

ISB Canada: Gateway to the Americas

Meet Hai Pham, Head of ISB for Canada and hear why he believes Canada is such an important gateway to the US and how HSBC can help you to take advantage of these opportunities.

ISB Mexico: International Manufacturing Hub

Meet Jeremy Bliss, Head of ISB for Mexico and hear about the benefits of Mexico’s manufacturing expertise and how HSBC can support your needs there.

ISB Hong Kong: Europe to Asia – Bridging the Gap

Meet Danish Qureshi, Head of ISB for Hong Kong and watch his thoughts on the trade corridor opportunities between Europe and Asia and how HSBC can help you to activate them.

ISB Australia: A green finance corridor

Meet Nadia Ladak, Head of ISB for Australia and find out about how HSBC have supported green financing from Australia.

ISB United States: Enabling global corridors

Meet James Gallagher, Head of ISB for the United States, and listen to his view on how HSBC can partner with you for your cross-border business needs.

ISB United States: Making global business local

Meet James Gallagher, Head of ISB for the United States, and hear him talking about how HSBC can help you to do business in the world’s largest economy.


Mexico: an essential trade and manufacturing hub

With convenient access to North America, as well as the Atlantic and Pacific trade routes, Mexico is well positioned as a strong trade and manufacturing hub. With a stable economy and strong manufacturing capabilities, it is an attractive growth market. Find out more in a short article focused on growing in the Mexican market.

Canada: a booming economy with a highly skilled workforce

Canada is often referred to as the gateway to the Americas. But the Great White North is also a very attractive region in its own right and one that offers a less complex market than that of its American neighbour.

Hong Kong: free markets, unique trade access and an enviable location

Hong Kong is home to a robust and ever-expanding economy. Its renowned free trade, free markets, and free enterprise present an abundance of growth and profit opportunities for businesses and it currently sits at third place in terms of ease of doing business. This reflects the region's streamlined and time-saving process for establishing a business, which means an organisation can be set up in just 24 hours.

US: how to enter the world’s largest and most productive economy

Expanding into the US can be profitable, but it can also be complex, challenging and ever-changing. Our international team is here to help. Find out how in a short article focused on growing in the US market.

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Building a global business is all about ambition. The success of that ambition depends on your global network – and how you manage it.

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If you’re looking to expand your operations into new markets, our International Business Guides can help connect you to opportunities. Find out how trading in or with these destinations could help boost the future growth of your enterprise, with insight into the Economy, infrastructure, culture and much more.

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