Subsidiary Banking: HSBC's International Network Model

From consolidating bank accounts to leveraging your company's global credit position in subsidiaries globally, HSBC's International Subsidiary Banking teams can deliver compelling benefits to both parent companies and their subsidiaries, helping to facilitate growth and open up a world of opportunities. Check out the sections below to learn more about how a range of our local teams can support you today.

Find out more from some of our ISB Country Heads

ISB Philippines: A growing opportunity for foreign investment

The Philippines has long been known as an outsourcing destination, particularly for companies in the US. But the Southeast Asian country is fast proving that it's much more than that.

ISB Indonesia: a rising global economy that's open for business

There are many benefits to expanding your business to Indonesia and partnering with HSBC can help you succeed in this dynamic market.

ISB United States: Enabling global corridors

Meet James Gallagher, Head of ISB for the United States, and listen to his view on how HSBC can partner with you for your cross-border business needs.

ISB United States: Making global business local

Meet James Gallagher, Head of ISB for the United States, and hear him talking about how HSBC can help you to do business in the world’s largest economy.

ISB Canada: Gateway to the Americas

Meet Hai Pham, Head of ISB for Canada and hear why he believes Canada is such an important gateway to the US and how HSBC can help you to take advantage of these opportunities.


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Building a global business is all about ambition. The success of that ambition depends on your global network – and how you manage it.

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If you’re looking to expand your operations into new markets, our International Business Guides can help connect you to opportunities. Find out how trading in or with these destinations could help boost the future growth of your enterprise, with insight into the Economy, infrastructure, culture and much more.

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