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Prime Infrastructure

Find out how Manila-based Prime Infrastructure is investing in waste management to keep the Philippines' sustainable development on track.

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Green Li-lon

Find out how a green trade facility is helping Singapore's Green Li-ion recycle end-of-life batteries into valuable commodity for battery supply chain.

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Cory Group

On the banks of the Thames in London, work is underway to divert non-recyclable waste from landfill and use it to generate low-carbon electricity for the UK. Behind it is Cory Group, one of the UK’s leading recycling and waste management companies.

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Find out how AgTech company RedSea used a green loan from HSBC to pave the way forward for sustainable agriculture solutions.

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Did you know that Via is providing tech that promotes sustainable and equitable transit to more than 500 public and private entities in more than 35 countries? We’re proud to support technology companies like Via with venture growth financing, to help them expand globally and continue positively impacting our world.


The socio-economic impact of sustainability cannot be ignored. Meridiam is a mission-based investment company developing, financing and managing transformation projects that develop skills, create jobs and grow the economy. Right now, Meridiam is helping to turn forest biomass into green fuel that will replace coal. Smart? You bet. That's the reason our sustainability team are supporting Meridiam.

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Durapower: Greening the future of mobility

See how Durapower grew from a specialist in advanced battery technology to a leading expert in e-mobility with HSBC's extensive trade network and green financing solutions.

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Sustenir: Nurturing the future of sustainable agriculture

Learn how a local urban farm achieved business success by expanding into a sustainable business capable of nurturing the future of sustainable agriculture.

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