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We all know international business is changing. And change opens up a world of opportunity. We’re helping business take advantage of that opportunity through our network, platforms, knowledge, and people, including:

  • A single, cutting-edge digital platform, HSBC SmartServe, which makes opening business accounts in multiple new markets quicker and easier by smoothly navigating local regulatory requirements
  • Our award-winning HSBCnet platform allowing you to access and transact across all your global accounts through one log-in – anytime, anywhere
  • On-the-ground specialists in over 50 markets across trade, international payments, and FX services – working to find the best solution for you
  • Supply chain solutions to support you financing trade, managing risk and streamline your payments to achieve commercial success
Let our network be your network.

Trade Research: Connecting Southeast Asia and the world

International businesses are accelerating their growth into Southeast Asia (SEA). Our Trade Research report captures the sentiment of over 3,500 companies from across nine markets that are either considering or already doing business in the region.

As the disruptive effects of COVID-19 recede, our report reveals high levels of expected growth among foreign firms operating in SEA, a strong appetite for M&A activity, and a widespread confidence in the economic growth potential of the region.


Companies expect to see 23% annual organic growth in SEA markets in 2023 compared to 20% last year


plan to expand into a new SEA market over the next 2 years


expect their organic growth to increase by 20% or more in SEA

Access the full 'Trade Research - Connecting Southeast Asia and the world' report now.

Trade Research

Our international offerings

Global Connections

This year, HSBC Global Connections was hosted in Singapore. A 3-day event that demonstrates how HSBC facilitate international business by building connections and shares the latest insights from key experts.

HSBC Currency Zone

Check, track and chart foreign exchange rates. Stay on top of the market with insights and HSBC Global Research.

International Payments & FX Management

Service. Security. Transparency. Trust. Our team is ready to discuss your needs and help support you. We want to be your FX partner.

Corridor opportunities

Welcome to our Corridor Outlook Reports - your gateway to understanding and leveraging the dynamism of the world's most exciting trade and investment ecosystems. These reports provide an in-depth analysis of the world's most diverse regions, emphasising their unique synergies with key corridors. Click the corridors that you are interested in to explore local insights and opportunities, and stay tuned as more will be released.

Opening international bank accounts made easy

International business expansion can bring some complex challenges, but opening bank accounts in new markets needn't be one of them. HSBC is here to give you a helping hand at every step, so you can dive straight into growing your business globally. Through our global expertise and innovative digital platform, HSBC SmartServe(1), we've made the process quick and easy. So, you can focus your energy where it counts and be confidently international.

Move at your pace

We’ve made it quick and easy from the start, so you can move at your pace.

We’ve combined our global knowledge with digital innovation to speed things up with time-saving features like pre-populated company data, e-signing or tracking capabilities.

Cut the complexities

We’ve made everything simple, streamlined, consistent and clear.

With on-the-ground experts and a single, cutting-edge digital platform, HSBC SmartServe makes opening multiple business accounts in multiple new markets quicker and easier by smoothly navigating the local regulatory requirements.

Global control, all from one place

Need to manage multiple new international business account applications? With our innovative digital platform, HSBC SmartServe, it’s easy.

It gives you secure access from multiple devices, desktop or mobile, anywhere, to upload, access and certify documents for multiple accounts all in one place.

How we support our International Subsidiary Banking clients

From combining bank accounts to leveraging your company’s global credit position, HSBC’s International Subsidiary Banking teams can provide attractive benefits to both parent companies and their subsidiaries. Supporting growth whilst opening a world of opportunities.

Podcasts/Live conversations

Broadcaster and author, Babita Sharma, was joined by HSBC's Chief Commercial Officer, Jo Miyake, and Tony Rodgers, Group Chief Executive of Emtelle, a leading global cable manufacturer, to discuss the key challenges businesses face when expanding overseas.

International customer stories

Find out how we help businesses realise their international growth ambitions.

Growing internationally with CIEL Textile

Find out how we've supported with CIEL Textile, one of the world's global players in textile and garment industry headquartered in Mauritius, as they expanded into Bangladesh and India with the support of our global network and local expertise.

Growing beyond borders with Multiplier

Find out how Multiplier, a workforce management platform rapidly extended its reach to streamline employment in more than 150 countries with HSBC's support.

Find out more

Growing internationally with Guangdong Haid Group

Find out how we've partnered with Guangdong Haid Group, the leading agricultural enterprise headquartered in China, as they ventured into Vietnam and other Southeast Asian markets with the support of our global network and local expertise.

Growing internationally with Thai Union Group

Find out how Thai Union Group, a leading global seafood company, leverages HSBC's digital banking and financing solutions to increase their supply chains resilience and support their global expansion.

Find out more

Growing internationally with Pilmico & Gold Coin

Expanding your business internationally and entering overseas markets is an exciting but challenging journey. Find out how Pilmico & Gold Coin grew their business to 8 countries with support from us.

Snapping up global growth with MPB

Find out how we've helped MPB to expand from its roots in Brighton, UK, to the US and European markets – and become the world's biggest platform for buying and selling photography and videography kit.

Growing beyond borders with Polygroup

When we set up our new factories in the US, Mexico & Indonesia, HSBC became a local friend, helping us with every step along the way and that made all the difference.

Growing beyond borders with Geek+

Their global network & digital banking service supported our rapid growth seamlessly. With HSBC as our partner, the sky is the limit.

Growing a global whisky brand – one drop at a time

Waterford Distillery Group is the force behind the world's first "biodynamic" whisky. Now it's planning to expand to the US thanks to financing from HSBC.

How is California’s ChargePoint fuelling the global energy and transport transition?

Find out how California-based ChargePoint leveraged HSBC’s network and global expertise to expand its EV charging network in Europe and beyond.

How is Powin taking its energy storage technology to the world?

The future of the grid depends on efficient energy storage solutions. Find out how Powin, a battery storage innovator, is partnering with HSBC to take its cutting-edge technologies global.

Global Research

HSBC Global Research provides information, insights and thought-provoking ideas.

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