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A global approach, for global businesses

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International Banking: Your future ambitions can start today

International expansion comes with its fair share of challenges and complexities; navigating different regulatory systems, extended supply chains, cultural barriers, operational logistics … the list goes on. Despite that, the benefits of geographical expansion cannot be overlooked; corporates are still very keen on broadening their horizons, tapping into new markets and expanding their client base.

Running a global business is challenging, with multiple accounts across the world, financing options based on local performance, inefficiencies in levels of capital and liquidity and frequent barriers to entry in new markets.

HSBC can be your dedicated partner, delivering a consistent banking experience globally, with solutions tailored to the unique needs of your global business.

With the depth and breadth of both our network and products, we are ideally positioned to provide you with visibility and control over your global financial position and help optimise your finances.

From consolidating bank accounts to leveraging the company’s global credit position in subsidiaries around the world, HSBC’s International Subsidiary Banking teams can deliver compelling benefits to both parent companies and their subsidiaries, helping to facilitate growth.

A global approach, for global businesses

Building a global business is all about ambition. The success of that ambition depends on your global network – and how you manage it.

Our service commitments

  • Dedicated contact - we structure our team as a mirror of yours with dedicated ISB managers for subsidiaries and one global relationship manager for the parent company, enabling you to streamline your financial communications and access to rich local insights
  • Bespoke solutions - We map your global needs and develop tailored solutions for your global business to deliver cost efficiencies, better use of working capital and reduced risks.
  • Consistent service - We recognise you as a global business, not as disparate smaller entities, providing a consistent service across markets and better access to products and financing solutions.
  • Global connectivity - We provide you with a central technology platform and communicate across our HSBC network to create real-time insights and connections, enabling new business opportunities.
Your business is truly global and you need a bank that reflects your global operations. This is what we deliver.


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