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Weak growth, but stimulus should support an upturn
Australia’s economy has slowed to its most sluggish since 2009, largely reflecting a pullback in consumer spending. However, mining and infrastructure investment are set to pick up and recent interest rate and tax cuts should support a modest upturn in household consumption in coming quarters.

State of play

Strategies for success

Despite subdued conditions, businesses in Australia are optimistic about their future. More than eight in 10 (84%) businesses expect their sales to grow in the next year. This is above the global average (79%) and the average for Asia-Pacific (APAC) (77%). Take that to a five-year forecast, and the percentage of businesses feeling upbeat about growth rises to 85%.

However, there is a conservative forecast for how extensive that growth will be. Only 21% of Australian businesses expect a rise of 15% or more in the next year.

Where that forward thrust will come from is an interesting mix of factors – improvements in productivity, the launch of new products or services, a motivated workforce and investment in technology. While these tend to be internal drivers, businesses also expect to benefit from new markets opening up and favourable changes in interest rates.

Although most Australian businesses are positive about the future, they are still taking measures to counter threats, mainly through investing in innovation and customer experience, expanding into new markets and enhancing employee wellbeing.

84 %

of businesses expect their sales to grow in the next year

Strategies to overcome the threats or potential decline of business

Investing in innovation
Investing in the customer experience
Expanding into new markets
Investing in employee wellbeing
Improving the quality of your products or services
Tightening cashflow management

Investing in new skills in the workforce


Investing in better quality raw materials
and suppliers


Investing in data protection


Expanding digital platforms and channels


Increasing vigilance to prevent cybersecurity


Vertical integration or shortening the supply chain 


Improving environmental and ethical


Investing in IP protection


What you need to know

  1. 1

    84% of Australian companies project growth for their business in the next year, increasing marginally to 85% over the next five years.

  2. 2

    32% of Australian businesses believe higher productivity and new products or services will lead to growth.

  3. 3

    28% of Australian firms cite favourable changes in interest rates as a key driver of growth.

What your business can do

  • Firms can look further afield to boost growth. 22% of Australian businesses say they’re considering expanding into new markets.
  • In order to counter threats or business contraction, Australian firms are prioritising investment in innovation (27%), customer experience (25%), off-shore expansion and employee wellbeing (both 22%).