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Welcome to HSBC Talks Business, a podcast series featuring HSBC experts and partners providing their perspectives from innovation and trade to sustainability and market updates. Here you’ll find key themes and developments shaping Asia-Pacific and the global economy.

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The future of supply chain: Building resilience and managing risk

Now more than ever, companies are looking to diversify and increase the resilience of their supply chains as the macroeconomic environment continues to evolve in Asia and globally. In this episode, you'll hear from industry express discussing supply chain transparency, digitisation and sustainability that are reshaping the business models across Southeast Asia, and how they're navigating the global trade landscape.

Unlocking future opportunities for female entrepreneurs in Asia

Why are women-owned businesses booming in Asia? In this episode, Tieu Yen Trinh, Founder and CEO of Talentnet, and Stephanie Betant, Head of Wholesale Banking, HSBC Vietnam discuss what is driving the rise of female entrepreneurship in Asia and how we can all better support female entrepreneurs.

Opening opportunities in the Greater Bay Area (GBA)

What are the opportunities in GBA? GBA presents many advantages for businesses, including providing a bridge to mainland China, offering a talented workforce and a population of rising affluence.

In this episode, Steve Johnson, Group CFO of PMI Foods, Daniel Chan, Executive Vice President and Head of Greater Bay Area, HSBC and Anna Chu, MD & Head of International Subsidiary Banking, HSBC HK discuss how doing business in GBA can be advantageous for businesses.

Asia-Pacific's evolving payments landscape

Asia Pacific remains the most developed real-time payments region in the world, with India, Hong Kong, mainland China, and Thailand processing the highest number of transactions last year. The payments landscape in the region is an exciting and fast moving area, fuelled by innovation and experiencing rapid change.

In this episode, Yvonne Yiu and Manoj Dugar, Co-Heads of Global Payments Solutions, Asia Pacific, HSBC  discuss the latest trends in the evolution of the payments landscape, and how corporate treasurers can best capture these opportunities.

Nature-based solutions: what they are and how can they help us fight climate change

Nature-based solutions are increasingly seen as an important tool to fight climate change and biodiversity loss, and support livelihoods but what are they and how do they protect our ecosystems? In this episode, Alison Kahler, Senior Communications Manager and Alpa Bhattacharjee, Head of Corporate Sustainability at HSBC Australia are joined by Hans Krig, Director of Conservation Finance at The Nature Conservancy Australia to discuss the role of nature-based solutions in our future economy.

Asia Supply Chains: A New Era

As the macroeconomic environment continues to evolve, how can businesses build resilient supply chains? Digitisation and sustainability are key for businesses to reshape their supply chains. In this episode, Margaret Lou, Regional Head of International Markets, Global Trade and Receivables Finance, Asia Pacific, HSBC speaks with industry experts across Southeast Asia on how they’re navigating the global trade. Read more here

Seamlessly connect: Towards the digital treasury future

As technology continues to enhance at pace, how can you explore smarter ways to transform your business? Technologies like APIs and blockchain enable you to make more informed decisions, manage risks and ultimately deliver a better customer experience. In this episode, Zohair Ahmed, Director, Global Payments Solutions, HSBC Singapore speaks with Daniel Laverick, VP, Head of Digital & Data Solutions, Zuellig Health Solutions on the shift to digital and why it matters for treasuries and businesses. Read more here

Asian Outlook 2022 – What lies ahead for Asia in the Year of the Tiger?

No doubt 2021 was a challenging year globally. How will the economies and markets roar back in the Year of the Tiger? Join HSBC Global Research's Frederic Neumann, Co-Head of Asian Economic Research, and Herald van der Linde, Head of Asia Equity Strategy, as they look back at the events of 2021 and discuss Asia's economic trends and regional equity markets for 2022.

Next Generation Wealth: Leaving a Legacy

Ann Ling, MD, Wealth Planning & Advisory and Muriel Tsang, Head of HK Probate and Estate, Trust and Fiduciary Services HSBC Global Private Banking, are joined by Freda Lim, Partner, Freda Lim & Co Solicitors to discuss how clients can transfer their wealth to future generations

Cybersecurity: Preparing and Protecting your Business

The cybersecurity landscape is intensifying. HSBC Australia's Alison Kahler, Acting Head of Communications and John Scott, Head of Wholesale Transaction Banking, are joined by Ian Mirels, Founder, eftsure to discuss how businesses must be cyber-resilient to remain competitive.

Business Partners: Shared Risks and Rewards

Entrepreneurs with shared visions often come together by pooling resources, networks and expertise – whether for business expansion or market and product development. In this episode Carmen Cheng, Senior Associate at Jonathan Mok Legal and Amy Lau, Director, Wealth Planning & Advisory at HSBC Global Private Banking, explore how joint ownership can energise business growth.

Tackling Ocean Pollution

With microplastics finding their way into marine ecosystems around the world, and increased focus on environmental policy, businesses play a vital role in countering climate change - but they can't do it alone. This World Oceans Day, Angus Harris, Co-Founder of Clean Waterways Initiative, and Wai-Shin Chan, Head of HSBC’s Climate Change Centre of Excellence, explore the power of collaboration in addressing ocean plastic pollution.

Greater Bay Area: The New Frontier for Business Growth

The GBA forms an exciting new chapter in South China’s history, bringing together Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR with nine cities in Guangdong to form a world-class city cluster that will play a leading role in global innovation, finance and trade. In this episode Daniel Chan, HSBC’s Head of GBA sits down with Ricky Chiu, CEO and Chairman of Phase Scientific a biotech company founded in UCLA now headquartered in Hong Kong with facilities across the GBA, to discuss how businesses can take advantage of this high growth area.

Building a Sustainable Brand

One of the most pressing topics affecting businesses of all sizes and sectors is sustainability and the transition to a net-zero carbon economy. And the last 12 months have accelerated the need for businesses to act in this space, so in this episode we talk to Mans Tesch, Chief Strategy Officer, ASP & MENA at WPP's marketing and communications agency Grey to explore the role brand can play in helping businesses to achieve their sustainability goals.

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