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As a Non-Bank Financial Institution (NBFI), it is likely that you will be banked in HSBC Bank plc. This is because the UK Banking Reform Act set out various groups of customers that can't be part of the same bank as our personal customers. One of these groups is called 'Relevant Financial Institutions' (RFIs). Due to the complex nature of both RFIs and NBFIs, we have decided to align all large and medium sized financial institutions (RFIs and NBFIs) to HSBC Bank plc. This means you will continue to benefit from our specialist Financial Institution teams to deal with all your banking needs.

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The Standards set out principles of good practice in relation to lending to business customers with an annual turnover of up to £6.5m (exclusive of VAT and other turnover related taxes), and which does not have a complex ownership structure (for example, business with overseas, multiple, or layered ownership structures). The Standards cover loans, credit cards, charge cards and current account overdrafts across the customer / product lifecycle.

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We collect information from people visiting our website even if they are not registered for internet banking or are not yet HSBC customers, for example information about how our website is being used, and information collected via our online forms and customer servicing tools. Please see this website privacy notice for more details.

If you do apply for a product with us, or you own, manage or are otherwise connected with an HSBC business customer (e.g. you are a director or owner of such a business) then this notice explains what we do with your information, and tells you about your privacy rights and how the law protects you.

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