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Running a business is challenging, especially when you’re looking to grow internationally. With multiple accounts across the world, different financing options in different countries, inefficiencies in levels of capital and liquidity and frequent barriers to entry in new markets.

HSBC can be your dedicated partner, delivering a consistent international banking experience, with solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business.

With the depth and breadth of both our network and products, we are ideally positioned to provide you with visibility and control over your financial position as well as helping you to optimise your finances.

HSBC’s International Banking teams can deliver compelling benefits to both parent companies and their subsidiaries, helping to facilitate growth and open up a world of opportunities.

International Banking capabilities

International expansion comes with its fair share of challenges and complexities; navigating different regulatory systems, extended supply chains, cultural barriers, operational logistics … the list goes on. Despite that, the benefits of geographical expansion cannot be overlooked; corporates are still very keen on broadening their horizons, tapping into new markets and expanding their client base.

International Banking

Your future ambitions can start today.

How we support our customers

Noor Adhami, Global Head of International Banking at HSBC, talks to Sanal Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director of Classic Fashion about how HSBC has supported his company on their growth journey. From the company's beginning in Jordan, to opening a trading hub in Dubai, followed by manufacturing hubs in Bangladesh and India, HSBC's international network has been there to support Classic Fashion on its global growth journey.

Growing internationally with Guangdong Haid Group

Find out how HSBC have partnered with Guangdong Haid Group, the leading agricultural enterprise headquartered in China, as they ventured into Vietnam and other Southeast Asian markets with the support of our global network and local expertise.

Growing internationally with Thai Union Group

Find out how Thai Union Group, a leading global seafood company, leverages HSBC's digital banking and financing solutions to increase their supply chains' resilience and support their global expansion.

Hear from our International Banking country heads

International insights

Securing the future of Kalpataru’s major infrastructure contracts

HSBC and Kalpataru IBN Omairah Company have entered into an agreement to complete projects in Saudi Arabia, designed to meet the growing demand for high-voltage, overhead power transmission lines.

Growing a global whisky brand – one drop at a time

Waterford Distillery Group is the force behind the world's first "biodynamic" whisky. Now it's planning to expand to the US thanks to financing from HSBC.

How is California's ChargePoint fuelling the global energy and transport transition?

Find out how California-based ChargePoint leveraged HSBC's network and global expertise to expand its EV charging network in Europe and beyond.

Canada: a booming economy with a highly skilled workforce

Canada is often referred to as the gateway to the Americas. But the Great White North is also a very attractive region in its own right and one that offers a less complex market than that of its American neighbour.

Hong Kong: free markets, unique trade access and an enviable location

Hong Kong is home to a robust and ever-expanding economy.

International opportunities

If you are looking to expand operations into new markets, our International Business Guides offer deep insight into 35 differrent counties and territories. Uncover how trading in or with these destinations may enhance your business growth by gaining insights into the economy, infrastructure, culture, and more.

International Business Guides

Looking for more information? Gain insights into the economy, infrastructure, culture and more.

International connections

Our International Banking teams are here to help you locally on the ground. If you would like to find out more about our capabilities in specific countries/territories, you can visit our local International Banking websites via the list below.

HSBC Global Wallet

Growing internationally brings unlimited opportunities. Now you can give your international payments the same freedom. HSBC Global Wallet gives you the ability to hold, manage, send and receive payments in multiple currencies, all from your existing HSBCnet profile. You'll be able to do business quickly and easily, wherever your customers and suppliers are.

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