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Success in the new digital age: the 'human edge'

The world of business continues to hurtle towards a digital future. But successful businesses won’t be those that just implement the latest technologies. They’ll be ones that use them to motivate, empower and inspire their human workforce to perform at its best.

Working with renowned trend forecasters and interviewing leading technology experts, our Digital Horizons report unravels the four key trends shaping the business landscape between now and 2030. What does Generative AI mean for the future of your workforce? How will tech help keep your business ahead of the competition? Download our report to future-proof your business today.

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Borderless business

The Covid-19 pandemic exposed the fragility of global supply chains and gave rise to a new way of thinking about globalisation. Yet, businesses overwhelmingly believe that expansion means internationalisation. The story of borderless business will be one of resilient, diversified supply chains, challenging companies to manage their finances and inventories across borders without stifling growth.

Inclusive automation

By 2030 a company’s reputation and subsequent ability to attract the best clients and talent will be judged by its ethical implementation of AI and automation technologies. Newer generations entering the workforce by 2030 will expect access to a suite of advanced tools that alleviate mundane tasks, enable efficient workflows, provide helpful nudges and support better planning.

Rise of the FLIT organisations

The combination of accelerated tech advancement and increased uncertainty in the world will favour more agile business models. To compete in this era, businesses will streamline processes and utilise automation to maximise their adaptability. In this agile market, creator economy workers will flock to FLIT organisations, characterised by their: Flexible workforce; Lean processes; Innovative business models; and Tech-driven operations.

The creative edge

Standing out in a generic world will become the key to business survival in 2030. Amid an increase in generic AI content and other emerging technologies, successful companies will be able to generate fresh ideas and stay one step ahead of the competition. Thriving companies will feel like research labs, devoted to creativity. They will foster an environment that nurtures innovation by giving employees the freedom to think differently.

Interview: Barry O'Byrne, CEO, Global Commercial Banking

In this exclusive interview, Barry O'Byrne, CEO, Global Commercial Banking, HSBC, sat down with Haymarket Media Group's Ella Arwyn-Jones to discuss the findings of our Digital Horizons report.

Barry gives his views on the four key trends that will shape the business world by 2030 and what business leaders can do to future-proof their success in this new digital era.

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