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If you’re looking to grow your business, there really is a world of opportunity out there. Here you can find the insight and inspiration you need to help take your next step.

Ready to take your next step internationally?

When you’re an ambitious, growing business, there’s always a next step. Whether that’s expanding into new markets or securing your next big contract overseas. That’s when you need specialised help from your bank. Not just traditional finance and banking, but a readiness to provide solutions that go far beyond that.

With our global network, international experience and market leading digital online banking platform, we stand ready to connect you with the best the world has to offer.

Watch our videos so you can gain further insights to help you identify opportunities to expand into different markets. Hear directly from our local teams on the ground to help build an understanding of the market nuances you need to consider.

Why go International?

There are plenty of reasons you might consider taking your business global. Entering new markets provides opportunities to expand your brand’s footprint, increase your customer base, purchase products from the most efficient sources and much more.

Trading internationally can also help you diversify risk and build resilience to future shocks.

Research supports this. For example, The Institute for International Economics found that US businesses that export not only grow faster, but are also 8.5% less likely to go out of business than non-exporting businesses (1).

And in the UK, businesses that trade goods internationally are, on average, around 70% more productive than non-traders (2).

How does it benefit SMEs in particular?

Small-to-medium sized enterprises are key drivers of economic and social well-being the world-over. They represent 99% of all businesses, and generate a huge 60% of employment, contributing more than half of business sector value-add in most advanced economies (3).

Despite this, SMEs are widely under-represented on the global stage, accounting for an average of just 33% of exports and 40% of imports in selected developed markets – and just 18% of exports and 34% of imports in selected emerging economies (4).

In comparison to the majority of large industrial businesses, in most economies, just 5%-40% of SMEs export (5). However, trading internationally can expose your business to new technologies, innovation and skills, as well as having a positive effect on your bottom line.

The rise of global value chains and digital transformation offers new opportunities for SMEs to integrate into the global economy (6).

Listen to Chek Hup, a Malaysian instant beverage exporter, explain how our solutions and global network helped them expand throughout Asia Pacific.



Start your expansion journey

Taking your business global can be as daunting as it is exciting. We’re here to help you navigate the journey, offering expert insights to help you understand the nuances of each market, the products and services you might want to consider, as well as how to manage the risks.

How we can help

We can help you ready your business for international expansion, giving you greater control over your global finances, and the insight to hit the ground running in whichever new markets you choose:

  • Dedicated support: benefit from our global oversight and continuity, and our local knowledge and expertise
  • International banking solutions: get innovative, tailored solutions that extend beyond traditional finance and banking
  • Insight and connection: access an unparalleled range of global insight, research and networking opportunities
  • Global Banking made simple: bring all your global banking together in one place with HSBCnet, our award-winning online banking platform


Get inspired

Explore real-life customer stories about how they’ve taken their business to the next level.


ADI International – A story of international growth from the UAE


Advanced Navigation & Positioning Corporation (ANPC)


Getting to know HSBC

These videos provide you with some practical guidance for businesses looking to expand internationally from our local teams who share insights and considerations when looking into doing business in their local market.

Expanding into the ASEAN region

The local team will help you understand how to do business in this region and the opportunities, gain key insights and top tips.

Expanding into Canada

The local team will provide you with an overview of how to do business in this country, highlighting key opportunities, so you have a better understanding of what it would take to enter this market.

Expanding into Egypt

Meet the local team to understand how to do business in this market, the opportunities available, nuances to consider along with top tips.

Expanding into France

Meet the local team to understand how to do business in this country, the opportunities available, nuances to consider along with top tips.

Expanding into Hong Kong SAR

The local team will share key insights to help you identify opportunities to expand into this market, as well as building an understanding of the market nuances to consider.

Expanding into India

Hear directly from the local team to understand how to do business in this country, gain valuable insights and top tips.

Expanding into Mexico

Learn about the business landscape and opportunities for companies doing business in Mexico. You will gain key insights that will help you expand into Mexico, as well as a clear view on how to take your next step.

Expanding into the US

The local team will help you understand how to do business in this country and the opportunities available for your business. Gain key insights and top tips to start planning your next step.

We can help you


  • Gain greater control over your global finances
  • Use a single platform that scales as you grow, bringing all your global banking together in one place – and allowing you to track your global financial position in real time


  • Access international banking solutions to develop your business, from funding equipment purchases to managing your supply chain


  • Navigate the local business environment
  • Access dedicated support to help you fully understand, trade and operate in new markets


  • Set your business up for international expansion
  • Leverage our international network to build meaningful connections outside your existing market and tap into local expertise to support your growth

Find out more about how going international can help you to achieve your business growth ambitions.

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