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  • HSBC Artificial Intelligence

    What makes us human? It’s not the sort of debate you expect to be having with your bank, but according to HSBC 2017 report Human Advantage: The Power of People1, the answer is it’s our innate curiosity, creativity and communication. And they are characteristics that will become increasingly valuable to employers in a not-too-distant world driven by intelligent machines.
  • HSBC Diversity

    The HSBC Tech Connections event was staged this year in San Francisco, one of the most heterogeneous cities in the US and yet one that still struggles to reflect that diversity in its famous technology sector1.
  • HSBC Sustainability

    When the giant US-owned corporation Hewlett-Packard first signed up to the principles of corporate global citizenship way back in 1957, ‘climate’ and ‘change’ had yet to be linked, while ‘sustainable’ was a long way off becoming one of the most-used words in the English language.