We invest in sustainability

A greener future for your business and our world

In 2017, HSBC pledged to provide USD100 billion of sustainable finance by 2025; in the first year we have already committed more than USD25 billion cumulatively across 35 markets.

Never has there been a more important time for businesses to play their part in creating a more sustainable future, with forward thinking companies acting now. Almost one in five (17%) companies globally have reduced their impact on the environment over the last two years.

HSBC is making the transition, and we are committed to helping your business do the same. We want to work together to create a more sustainable future for everyone.

We’ve made a number of sustainability commitments and we want to empower businesses to take the necessary steps too. Our network, financial expertise, tools and connections can help support businesses of all sizes to become more sustainable, and remain competitive and relevant in today’s world.

Doing the right thing – making the transition to sustainability - could be the best thing not only for the environment and society, but for the future of your business.

Stuart Nivison, Global Head of Client Network Banking, HSBC