Business Plan for the Planet

HSBC is committed to a sustainable future. We are dedicating between $750bn and $1trn, alongside expert guidance and support, to help our 1.5 million customers – and their partners – make a lasting sustainable transition to help us all thrive in a low carbon economy. We also pledge to become a net zero carbon business ourselves by 2030 or sooner.


Whether you are a business or an investor, HSBC has a deep understanding of international approaches to Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) practices. Our wealth of research and insights can help you better understand the spectrum of ESG, and how to make the transformative sustainable decisions that will help grow your business into the future.



ESG Central

The COP26 climate summit produced a frenzy of activity and plenty of headlines, but did it deliver the commitments needed to avert a climate crisis? Our latest issue puts the key announcements under the microscope and looks ahead to the agenda for 2022. The magazine also digs into the science behind climate accounting, nuclear fusion – and much more.


Delivering Net Zero Supply Chains

The Multi-Trillion Dollar Key to Beat Climate Change

Delivering Net Zero Supply Chains explores what it would take to deliver net-zero supply chains. The report calculates that up to half of the anticipated $100trn needed to finance the transition would need to go to the SME sector. This raises additional complexity to the climate challenge as SMEs typically have less in-house climate expertise, and more limited access to capital to drive and fund climate transformation. Consequently, the report argues that a new front in the battle to combat climate change is needed that rests on supporting SMEs and transitioning entire supply chains. The report sets out a roadmap for this transition based on 7 key principles alongside specific actions for key stakeholder groups.


Green financing and investing gains momentum


Green financing and investing gains momentum


Green financing and investing gains momentum

HSBC’s Sustainable Financing and Investing Survey is a comprehensive global survey of 2,000 capital market issuers and institutional investors. It charts the trends and evolving sentiment around green financing and investing to help you understand how to move forward towards a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient world. The 2021 Sustainable Financing and Investing Survey covers 19 industries and spans 24 territories in the Americas, Europe, MENAT, Asia, and ASEAN. See our full suite of regional and country deep-dive reports.


Navigator: Sustainability

The vast majority of businesses see sustainability as a priority. They are grabbing the opportunity of change and transformation to prioritise sustainability and build back better. Our Navigator Report gives you the insight and viewpoint of more than 10,000 companies from 39 countries and territories. Find out how they are responding to the ongoing challenges and preparing for the future.


Global Research Insights

 Fragile Planet

Investment in the face of climate change risks

 Time to invest in biodiversity

Countering threats to our ecosystems

 Reviewing board effectiveness

Boardroom dynamics affect corporate performance

 Long-term oil demand uncertain

A net-zero emissions policy could see global oil consumption fall by 75%

 US regaining climate lead

President’s pledge to cut emissions puts pressure on others to target net-zero

 Oil’s pathway to net-zero

European companies will need carbon offsets to achieve 2050 emissions goals

 Retailer risks from supply chains

Lack of transparency over the origin of goods is a threat to retailers’ reputations

 New renewables wave in ASEAN

Wind and solar generation capacity could almost double by 2025 in leading Southeast Asian nations

 Rebuilding a climate-resilient US

President’s ambitious $2 trillion infrastructure plan creates jobs while pursuing climate goals

 Fragile planet 2021

We’ve ranked 77 countries on their resilience or vulnerability to a range of climate risks

 Carbon capture’s crucial decade

Technology can help world achieve net-zero emissions, but companies must be attracted

 The pathway to net-zero emissions

Power, transport, buildings and industry can cut the emissions gap to net-zero by 81% by 2050

Insights from our network

 Save the world one standard at a time

To preserve our natural habitat, conserve wildlife and meet the Paris climate targets, businesses, governments and the financial sector across the globe will have to work together. Without change, the social and economic consequences could be devastating, and time is running short.

 Welcome to the new normal

The sustainable transformation of the economy is now a given, but it’s up to governments, capital markets and corporations to make it a success.

 Green corporate financing – an expanding toolkit

Green bonds have gone from being a fringe phenomenon to a central means of corporate financing. However, they're often not enough to make a company's entire financing range sustainable, which means that participants in the financial markets are increasingly including new solutions in their portfolios.

 Data-driven standards – the key to fuelling investment in sustainability

With varying standards, a diverse vocabulary and shifting targets, it can be difficult for businesses and investors to navigate and understand sustainability performance. Robust data and defined metrics are needed to support investment and the journey to a more sustainable future.