Business Plan for the Planet

HSBC is committed to a sustainable future. We are dedicating between $750bn and $1trn, alongside expert guidance and support, to help our 1.5 million customers – and their partners – make a lasting sustainable transition to help us all thrive in a low carbon economy. We also pledge to become a net zero carbon business ourselves by 2030 or sooner.

Expert Voices

At HSBC, our expertise and global network is committed to helping clients transition to more renewable, sustainable and ethical practices. Our experienced teams across the organisation are working on providing bespoke sustainable solutions and guidance to help you transition to net zero. Below are ideas from across our network to help inform your decisions.


Towards Net Zero in UK Agriculture

A new report by University College London’s Institute for Sustainable Resources, in collaboration with HSBC, looks at how UK Agriculture has a key role to play in helping the UK meet its Net Zero emissions target by 2050. Achieving Net Zero in agriculture is challenging and will require steps to both reduce emissions and capture and store carbon through soils and forests. This gives UK agriculture a unique and vital position for contributing to the UK Net Zero ambition.


Banking on Net Zero Emissions

Watch the recording of Barry O’Byrne, HSBC’s CEO for Global Commercial Banking, in conversation with Matthieu Favas, Economist Finance correspondent, at the Economist Sustainability Week as he discussed HSBC’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions and why businesses should challenge banks to support their sustainability ambitions.


Financing Biodiversity: Risks, Opportunities and Challenges

Marine de Bazelaire, HSBC Group Advisor on Natural Capital, recently discussed the rise of natural capital alongside Eric Usher, Head of the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative, and Willem Evers, Dutch Central Bank Head of Sustainable Finance Office. Could nature-based investing be the next big asset class and what financial opportunities arise from this? Watch the full replay to find out more.


The role of finance in achieving the transition to low carbon

Watch the recording of Zoe Knight, HSBC's Group Head, Centre of Sustainable Finance examine the role of finance in achieving the transition to low carbon, and the new opportunities for growth, and unexpected challenges ahead. Zoe also discusses HSBCs role as a recognised leader in sustainability in helping our customers thrive through their own transitions.


Hydrogen has the potential to be a completely clean fuel, producing zero carbon emissions. The biggest hurdles to greater use of hydrogen are how it is made and what it costs.

 Carbon Capture & Storage

Could Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) save the planet? Many experts believe so.

 How to drive investment into sustainable infrastructure

The ‘Finance to Accelerate the Sustainable Transition Infrastructure’ (FAST-Infra) initiative aims to transform sustainable infrastructure into a mainstream, liquid asset class. Stakeholder involvement is needed to make this initiative a success.

 Building a better world after COVID-19

Our panel of experts discuss the connection between COVID-19 and climate change, lessons learnt from the COVID-19 crisis and how they might be used as an opportunity to embark on a new sustainable growth path.

 Making Mission Possible

Delivering A Net-Zero Economy

 The Green Bank Opportunity

Mobilizing Capital for Low-Carbon Energy in Buildings

Global Perspectives

Visions of Our City

Together celebrating UN World Cities day

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Guide to Net Zero

With the UK government’s commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, there is a collective responsibility for businesses of all shapes and sizes. But how do you manage your transition to net zero and where should you start? In collaboration with Carbon Intelligence, we’ve developed a guide to support you on your journey to Net Zero.

For more information on UK Sustainability, please visit here

 Green Trade to Drive Post-Pandemic Recovery

Global as well as Middle East governments and corporations are tapping green trade financing opportunities with the aim to build back better in a post-COVID19 world.

 HSBC Clean Waterways Programme

With four solar-powered boats and your help, we can turn the tide on plastic waste. We can write a new chapter for our waterways. Because when it comes to protecting Hong Kong’s waterways, we all have a role to play.

 Resetting: Sustainability on the agenda

With previously unthinkable ways of working becoming the ‘new normal’ overnight, the COVID-19 crisis is a turning point for the sustainability agenda.

 COVID 19 will make sustainability a bigger corporate priority

Recovery planning bringing environment, diversity and inclusion to the top of many leaders’ agendas

 Secrets of high productivity at low carbon cost

A beacon of lean production and efficiency, Conor Colgan, of Aidansfield Research Farm, is using lean management principles and accuracy driven measurement to maximise output and reduce carbon footprint

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