Business Plan for the Planet

HSBC is committed to a sustainable future. We are dedicating between $750bn and $1trn, alongside expert guidance and support, to help our 1.5 million customers – and their partners – make a lasting sustainable transition to help us all thrive in a low carbon economy. We also pledge to become a net zero carbon business ourselves by 2030 or sooner.

Expert Voices

At HSBC, our expertise and global network is committed to helping clients transition to more renewable, sustainable and ethical practices. Our experienced teams across the organisation are working on providing bespoke sustainable solutions and guidance to help you transition to net zero. Below are ideas from across our network to help inform your decisions.



COP26 and the boardroom: What's next?

The upcoming COP26 meeting is likely to have far-ranging implications for businesses across many sectors. Watch Mark Tucker, Chair of HSBC, Nicola Brewer, NED at Iberdrola SA, and Emily Farnworth, Co-Director at the Centre for Climate Engagement, as they explore the critical role that non-executive directors and boardrooms have to play in the coming global transition. This session was hosted by Chapter Zero, an organisation dedicated to helping non-executive directors lead discussions on climate change.

This replay is from COP26 and the boardroom: what's next?




FT Climate Capital: The financiers roles in net zero

Financial Institutions of all kinds can play a vital role in helping allocate better capital to the transition to low-carbon economies and net-zero industries, while also striving to become net-zero entities themselves. But with the fossil fuel industry still receiving significant levels of investment from the financial industry all across the globe, there is still much more to be done to better align global financial flows with climate action. Watch the expert panel, including HSBC CEO for Global Commercial Banking, Barry O'Byrne, discuss this and more.

This replay is from the FT Climate Capital: The Future of Climate Finance Summit.


Climate Leaders Live: How do we accelerate the pace for net zero success?

Watch  Mark Carney, the UN Special Envoy on Climate Action and Specialist Finance Advisor for COP26 and Noel Quinn, CEO, HSBC, discuss how we can accelerate the pace towards #NetZero. This clip was recorded at the Climate Innovation Forum organised by Climate Action.


Climate Leaders Live: HSBC & BT Pension

Watch Nicolas Moreau, CEO, HSBC Global Asset Management and Martin Nilsson, CEO, BT Pensions Scheme as they discuss transitioning investment portfolios, aligning portfolios to net zero and identifying investment opportunities to scale up climate solutions using new technologies to accelerate decarbonisation. This clip was recorded at the Climate Innovation Forum organised by Climate Action.  


Climate Leaders Live: Resilient cities

How do we create green cities? How do we get greater cross sector collaboration and innovation needed to tackle the climate challenge facing our cities ? Listen to a panel of experts including Prof. Greg Clark CBR, FAcSS, Group Advisor on Future Cities and New Industries, HSBC. This clip was recorded at the Climate Innovation Forum organised by Climate Action.


Nature Based Recovery

The UK’s recovery efforts need to prioritise nature, but how can the restoration economy thrive through great public-private support and corporate involvement?

How should the UK’s post-crisis economic recovery efforts prioritise nature and biodiversity? What are the nature based solutions required to slow the pace of climate change and how can this spur greater innovation? Listen to a panel of experts including Marine De Bazelaire, group advisor on natural capital at HSBC. This clip was recorded at the Climate Innovation Forum organised by Climate Action.


Supporting SMEs on the way to net zero

"The race to net zero won't just be run by governments or large multinational firms. For every one of these there are 1000s of small and medium sized businesses forming a vast chunk of the global economy, who will need to take part as well.” Watch the closing keynote address of Ian Stuart, CEO of HSBC UK at the Climate Innovation Forum. This clip was recorded at the Climate Innovation Forum organised by Climate Action.


We have reached crunch time

Corporates must demonstrate real leadership and collaboration in addressing the climate crisis, according to industry leaders from a range of sectors at a recent HSBC and FT roundtable.


The role of finance in achieving the transition to low carbon

Watch the recording of Zoe Knight, HSBC's Group Head, Centre of Sustainable Finance examine the role of finance in achieving the transition to low carbon, and the new opportunities for growth, and unexpected challenges ahead. Zoe also discusses HSBCs role as a recognised leader in sustainability in helping our customers thrive through their own transitions.


Hydrogen has the potential to be a completely clean fuel, producing zero carbon emissions. The biggest hurdles to greater use of hydrogen are how it is made and what it costs.

 Carbon Capture & Storage

Could Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) save the planet? Many experts believe so.

 How to drive investment into sustainable infrastructure

The ‘Finance to Accelerate the Sustainable Transition Infrastructure’ (FAST-Infra) initiative aims to transform sustainable infrastructure into a mainstream, liquid asset class. Stakeholder involvement is needed to make this initiative a success.


Join Angie Hall, Head of Sustainable Finance, Commercial Banking at HSBC Bank Canada, for a conversation with Ronald Kuehl, Managing Director at Frontenac. Learn how Frontenac is expanding its sustainable footprint, using more green financing across its asset portfolio and the role HSBC played in supporting this.

In this episode, Andy Clump, CEO and Founder of Clean Energy Associates, shares his learnings on managing an international supply chain, adapting value propositions, and building a sustainable business – and a better world for future generations.

Julie Bennett, Head of US Strategic and ESG Solutions and Kelly Fisher, Head of US Corporate Sustainability discuss the US position on the race to net-zero and the strong commitment by many corporates in recent years to adopt a sustainability agenda, using sustainable finance products to achieve this.

Marine de Bazelaire, HSBC Group Advisor on Natural Capital, discusses the rise of natural capital alongside Eric Usher, Head of the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative, and Willem Evers, Dutch Central Bank Head of Sustainable Finance Office at the Economist Sustainability Week.

In this episode, HSBC’s UK Head of Agriculture, Martin Hanson meets with farmers covering a range of production systems to discuss the steps they’ve been taking to reduce emissions, what’s worked for them and the lessons they’ve learned.

In this 2-part episode from the Climate Governance Global Summit, guests from the WEF’s Climate Governance Initiative – including HSBC Group Chairman Mark Tucker – discuss making climate change a boardroom-level conversation.

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Global Perspectives





Carbon neutrality: an opportunity for businesses to create value

Achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions (carbon neutrality) is a global trend which directly affects businesses. Although it might seem like a challenge, this is an area that could also be a source of value creation and yield many opportunities for businesses, provided they define a strategy, set targets, implement a reporting mechanism, and facilitate employee engagement. How can your business achieve carbon neutrality?



 Towards Net Zero in UK Agriculture

A new report by University College London’s Institute for Sustainable Resources, in collaboration with HSBC, looks at how UK Agriculture has a key role to play in helping the UK meet its Net Zero emissions target by 2050. Achieving Net Zero in agriculture is challenging and will require steps to both reduce emissions and capture and store carbon through soils and forests. This gives UK agriculture a unique and vital position for contributing to the UK Net Zero ambition.

 Guide to Net Zero

With the UK government’s commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, there is a collective responsibility for businesses of all shapes and sizes. But how do you manage your transition to net zero and where should you start? In collaboration with Carbon Intelligence, we’ve developed a guide to support you on your journey to Net Zero.

 Green Trade to Drive Post-Pandemic Recovery

Global as well as Middle East governments and corporations are tapping green trade financing opportunities with the aim to build back better in a post-COVID19 world.

 HSBC Clean Waterways Programme

With four solar-powered boats and your help, we can turn the tide on plastic waste. We can write a new chapter for our waterways. Because when it comes to protecting Hong Kong’s waterways, we all have a role to play.

 Resetting: Sustainability on the agenda

With previously unthinkable ways of working becoming the ‘new normal’ overnight, the COVID-19 crisis is a turning point for the sustainability agenda.

Visions of Our City

Together celebrating UN World Cities day

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