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A collection of our previous Navigator and thematic reports

Trading with China

We surveyed over


decision makers in companies that are either currently trading with China (two-thirds) or intend to start in the next 3-5 years.


From this, we put together a report that provides insight into doing business in this significant market.



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Made for the Future Report

Navigator exists to provide insight from thousands of businesses like yours on how they intend to invest, change and grow.



Download the Made for the Future Report

Made for the Future is part of Navigator, research that explores the sentiments and opinions of over


businesses, focused on some "future" themes – including trade, technology, sustainability, efficiency, opportunities and threats – that companies from around the world are challenged by, and how they're driving key decisions.

Growth Business

While overall business optimism is high, there's a group of businesses who are particularly positive about their growth expectations.


Read our findings and discover how you could become one of them.

This archive is a collection of previous iterations of the HSBC Navigator reports.

The reports are based on data compiled from over 8,500 businesses in 34 markets into one global report and reports from every surveyed market.

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