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Optimism abounds
Polish businesses, operating in what has been one of the EU’s fastest developing countries in recent years, with a healthy economy and a position at the crossroads of European trade and transport routes, continue to grow1. Despite rising protectionism and pressure to increase sustainability initiatives, growth remains at the middle of the scale, with more businesses projecting growth of between 6%-14% than the overall average globally and in Europe.

State of play

Tech, new market access and quality
Polish businesses are very bullish about growth – with levels of optimism exceeding the global average. Almost nine out of 10 businesses say they expect growth in the next year, also ahead of global expectations. Optimism is particularly high among goods companies (89% versus 86% of services sector businesses) and international operators (92% versus 81% of domestic operators).

This positive outlook is being fuelled by the opening up of access to new markets (43%) and increases in the quality and availability of suppliers and raw materials (36%). Internal factors such as introducing new products/services (35%), improved business productivity (34%) and businesses themselves investing in technology (33%) are key drivers.

9 in 10

Almost nine out of 10 businesses say they expect growth in the next year

Current top trading partners

North America

Poland 88%
Global 79%

What you need to know

  1. 1

    88% of Polish businesses expect to see growth in the next year – ahead of the global average (79%).

  2. 2

    87% of firms expect to see growth over the next five years.

  3. 3

    More Polish businesses expect to grow between 6% and 14% (41% of firms) than the average globally (34%) and in Europe (33%).

What your business can do

  • Invest in improving the quality of products and services. 41% of Polish firms say this is part of their strategy.
  • Increase international trade. 80% of firms believe international trade will provide direct business benefits through new business opportunities over the next five years.
  • Invest in improving product quality and customer experience, two popular strategies for firms at present.