Mainland China

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China remains calm and collected
Trade disputes between China and the US may grab the headlines, but Chinese businesses are quietly confident. Most firms in China are expecting to grow next year – 86% versus 79% globally.

State of play

Modest growth ahead
Chinese companies are more optimistic about the future than they were a year ago, but less bullish about their anticipated growth targets. 16% of businesses believe they can increase sales by 15% or more in the next year, compared to a global average of 22% and an average of 19% across Asia-Pacific (APAC).

Sentiment does vary, however, by location and sector. Firms in northern and western China and in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) are most bullish about growth over the next five years. Service sector and international operators (both 26%) are more optimistic than manufacturers or domestic businesses (goods 20%, domestic 16%). 

Firms in China are also increasingly prioritising sustainable production and focusing on employee wellbeing and safety.

Key contributors to expectations of sales growth over the next year

New products/services – internal
Investing in technology – internal
New digital platforms and channels – internal
New markets opening up – external
Increasing interest in sustainability – external
Quality and availability of suppliers and raw materials – external

Improving productivity 29%
Ability to attract investment/ secure financing 28%
Favourable regulatory/taxation environment 30%
Transformative technologies 29%

What you need to know

  1. 1

    Within the next five years, 90% of Chinese businesses are projecting growth compared to a global average of 82%.

  2. 2

    Growth over the next year is fuelled both internally and externally, with new markets (41%) and new products or services (35%) topping the polls.

  3. 3

    Nearly half (46%) of Chinese firms also believe that their business will change substantially or totally in the next five years.

What your business can do

  • Make supply chains more sustainable. Firms are increasingly looking to optimise their supply chains by increasing their focus on strategic suppliers (26%) and selecting suppliers based on sustainability practices (25%).
  • Minimise risk in your supply chain. Chinese firms that are changing their supply chains by expanding into new markets and increasing focus on strategic suppliers expect to benefit from reduced risks.