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Have businesses thrived or survived the COVID-19 crisis? And how will they be different in the future? Find out from thousands of business decision makers around the world.

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Evolution not revolution

Our Resilience report in July revealed a picture of challenge and change.

Since then, we’ve surveyed more than 10,000 companies in 39 countries and territories to find out how they’re responding to the ongoing challenges and preparing for the future.

The findings in our Navigator – Now, next and how for business report reveal that most businesses are evolving rather than transforming. In doing so, they’re continuing to invest to grow – and they’re changing their mindset around what will make them successful.

How will your business rebuild beyond 2020?

Navigator – Real insights from real businesses


Preparing for a different future

Our research showed that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit some businesses harder than others. But some common themes have emerged.

Businesses are:

  • Investing to grow – even if their revenue has suffered
  • Evolving their mindset rather than transforming their operations
  • Entering new trade markets, not leaving old ones
  • Reshaping their supply chains for security and resilience
  • Recognising that sustainability is good for business as well as the planet

What can your business learn from their approach?


How will businesses build beyond 2020?

Watch the replay of our LinkedIn Live broadcast as BBC World News presenter Babita Sharma is in conversation with Barry O’Byrne, HSBC’s CEO for Global Commercial Banking, Amit Lohia, Vice Chairman of Indorama Corporation - one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fertilisers, medical gloves, and textile raw materials - and Janet Henry, HSBC’s Global Chief Economist to discuss the findings of our Navigator 2020 report, taking the pulse of businesses in a year like no other.

A two-speed recovery

High-growth businesses are making a majority of sales online, while companies in the hardest-hit sectors are seeing revenue decline


of companies expect to return to pre-COVID levels of profitability by the end of 2021

The majority of businesses are adapting or thriving in challenging conditions

50% valuing customers
50% valuing customers
50% valuing customers
50% valuing customers
Companies have proven remarkably resilient in weathering the turmoil brought by COVID-19. We see this shaping decisions to invest, to embrace technology, and to target future growth. They all recognise that responsibility, resilience and reputation underpin long-term success. Getting this right is challenging, but the potential commercial and societal benefits are vast.


Businesses are still investing

Even those with declining revenue are looking to spend in order to recover and grow.


of companies plan to increase investment over the next year

What will be the defining characteristics of a successful business in the future?

50% valuing customers
50% valuing customers
50% valuing customers
50% valuing customers

The global trade map isn’t being radically redrawn

Difficulties in international trade haven’t dimmed business enthusiasm.


of businesses expect their international trade prospects to be positive in the next 3-5 years

Businesses are reshaping their supply chains for resilience

More companies are diversifying suppliers than restricting them. Digitisation and technology are immediate priorities.


of businesses have concerns about their supply chain

Companies are recognising the value sustainability brings

COVID-19 has reinvigorated the focus on sustainability and prompted businesses to ‘walk the talk’.


of companies expect their revenue to grow over the next year from a greater focus on sustainability

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