Our view on the evolving state of the financial world and its impact on businesses.

  • HSBC and ADB: Partnership for a Pandemic and Beyond

    HSBC and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have formed an important public-private partnership to provide enhanced financing to suppliers of companies that produce critical medical equipment to support the fight against coronavirus.
  • After the pandemic: economic recovery and renewal

    Barry O’Byrne, Chief Executive of Global Commercial Banking at HSBC Businesses around the world are forging a new path to emerge stronger from this crisis. But they cannot do so alone. Economic renewal depends on effective collaboration.
  • How businesses can build resilience

    By Natalie Blyth, HSBC’s Global Head of Trade and Receivables Finance With regards to the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on global trade, businesses cannot control a volatile and uncertain external environment, but they can be flexible in response.
  • Closing the circle

    As HSBC’s Head of Commercial Banking in Europe, Andy Wild works with retailers selling goods across the continent. To celebrate European Retail Day, he considers the opportunities a circular economy will bring.