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Navigator: Europe Overview 2020

Around two-thirds of European companies are planning to increase investment, despite the challenges brought by Covid19. HSBC's Andrew Wild, Head of Commercial Banking Europe, discusses the latest insights from the European Navigator report providing real insights from over 10,000 businesses globally.

Navigator-Rebuilding beyond 2020

Our Resilience report in July revealed a picture of challenge and change.

Since then, we’ve surveyed more than 10,000 companies in 39 countries and territories to find out how they’re responding to the ongoing challenges and preparing for the future.

The findings in our Navigator – Rebuilding beyond 2020 report reveal that most businesses are evolving rather than transforming. In doing so, they’re continuing to invest to grow – and they’re changing their mindset around what will make them successful.

Current challenges mean future opportunities for multinationals in Europe

Jeroen Bakhuizen, Global Co-Head, International Subsidiary Banking, Managing Director, HSBC discusses the challenges multinationals face today as a result of the global pandemic and its economic implications to the consequences of Brexit. Find out how HSBC can help you today.

Finding the way forward with HSBC

How has HSBC helped businesses adapt to succeed in this present environment? Listen to the full HSBC Europe Briefing for overseas clients hosted by Nuno Matos.

Sustainable Financing and Investing Survey – Europe Report

Our global survey of 1,000 issuers and 1,000 investors reveals that sustainable investing is becoming mainstream and shows how the effects of COVID-19 are changing attitudes amongst market participants. Read the latest Europe report here.

Europe means Business

Andy Wild, Head of Commercial Banking, Europe, explains why Europe is one of the most important parts of our Global network. Listen to his message to find out how HSBC Europe is committed to helping you stay connected and navigate the current landscape.

Supporting our business customers affected by COVID-19

In light of the rapidly evolving coronavirus situation, we strive to continue to maintain the best quality banking service in these exceptional circumstances, while taking suitable precautionary measures to safeguard the health and safety of both our employees and customers.


What does a challenging 2020 hold for your business and how are other companies preparing for the future? Find out in HSBC’s latest Navigator Resilience report with the views of 2,600 business decision makers from across the world.

Andy Wild, Head of Commercial Bank Europe


Our latest Navigator report brings together the views of over 2,600 companies on the impact of COVID-19 and what makes a resilient business. Here Andy Wild, Head of Commercial Banking Europe, explains how European firms have coped with the challenges of recent months – and what they're prioritising for the future.

Optimising working capital through treasury transformation

In today's uncertain macroeconomic environment, companies have more reason than ever to focus on optimising working capital. HSBC's Andrew Wild, Head of Commercial Banking Europe, explains how companies are approaching these challenges-and what steps HSBC is taking to support customers in Europe in the current climate.

Decarbonising the City

The impact of cities on climate change has prompted considerable discussion and innovation around how this effect might be mitigated through decarbonisation.


Taoglas is the world's leading provider of next-generation IoT solutions, combining the latest in high-performance RF antenna with advanced positioning, imaging, audio and artificial intelligence technologies for companies with unique IoT challenges.

HSBC and Taoglas became Global network banking partners in 2017. Since then, HSBC has supported Taoglas by providing innovative solutions to assist with its growth ambitions as they expand both locally and globally. Watch our latest video to find out more.

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Sustainable Finance Insights

Read the latest report on the recent developments in sustainable finance solutions, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Europe means business

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Europe means business

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