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Corporate Cards for optimised working capital

HSBC’s Corporate Cards provide a flexible cash flow solution for your business needs. Read more about how Corporate Cards help optimise working capital.

Corporate Cards for streamlined and cost-effective procurement

By introducing HSBC’s Corporate Cards into its procurement process, a company can save time and money when purchasing goods and services.

Purchasing patterns and cost analysis with Corporate Cards

Card-based solutions can help improve cost analysis, purchasing trends and working capital by using online reporting, such as MiVision – HSBC’s online management and reporting platform.

Transforming digital B2B payments with Corporate Cards

Digital payments solutions are transforming the ways that an organisation manages their operational and reporting. Find out how Corporate Cards are at the forefront of the broader trend towards digitalisation.

Current challenges mean future opportunities for multinationals in Europe

Jeroen Bakhuizen, Global Co-Head, International Subsidiary Banking, Managing Director, HSBC discusses the challenges multinationals face today as a result of the global pandemic and its economic implications to the consequences of Brexit. Find out how HSBC can help you today.


Stepping away from the standard metrics global banks typically use to evaluate business opportunities, HSBC expanded the boundaries of its criteria and took a chance on local Israeli start-up AppsFlyer when they needed a global banking partner.

Optimising working capital through treasury transformation

In today's uncertain macroeconomic environment, companies have more reason than ever to focus on optimising working capital. HSBC's Andrew Wild, Head of Commercial Banking Europe, explains how companies are approaching these challenges-and what steps HSBC is taking to support customers in Europe in the current climate.

Decarbonising the City

The impact of cities on climate change has prompted considerable discussion and innovation around how this effect might be mitigated through decarbonisation.

HSBC Europe’s changing payments landscape

Big changes are taking place in the European payments arena with the emergence of new technologies, changing regulation and customers who are demanding speed, ease and transparency from their banking partners.

Putting Innovation into Action

Next Generation Trade Finance

The Future of Treasury

For treasurers, it is possible that an ideal cash management set-up may look something like this: enhanced visibility and controls; fully centralised decision-making; optimal use of cash; truly effective exposure management; and bank account self-administration.

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