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FT Climate Capital: The financiers roles in net-zero

Financial Institutions of all kinds can play a vital role in helping allocate better capital to the transition to low-carbon economies and net-zero industries, while also striving to become net-zero entities themselves. But with the fossil fuel industry still receiving significant levels of investment from the financial industry all across the globe, there is still much more to be done to better align global financial flows with climate action.

Climate Leaders Live: How do we accelerate the pace for net-zero success?

Watch Mark Carney, the UN Special Envoy on Climate Action and Specialist Finance Advisor for COP26 and Noel Quinn, CEO, HSBC, discuss how we can accelerate the pace towards #net-zero. This clip was recorded at the Climate Innovation Forum organised by Climate Action.

Climate Leaders Live: HSBC & BT Pension

Watch Nicolas Moreau, CEO, HSBC Global Asset Management and Martin Nilsson, CEO, BT Pensions Scheme as they discuss transitioning investment portfolios, aligning portfolios to net-zero and identifying investment opportunities to scale up climate solutions using new technologies to accelerate decarbonisation. This clip was recorded at the Climate Innovation Forum organised by Climate Action.

The role of finance in achieving the transition to low carbon

Watch the recording of Zoe Knight, HSBC's Group Head, Centre of Sustainable Finance examine the role of finance in achieving the transition to low carbon, and the new opportunities for growth, and unexpected challenges ahead. Zoe also discusses HSBCs role as a recognised leader in sustainability in helping our customers thrive through their own transitions.

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