Supporting Businesses through COVID-19

HSBC continues to monitor the situation very closely, liaising with government and public health officials in the countries where we operate. Our priority is the wellbeing of our customers and staff.


 Pandemic compounds plastics problem

But could bugs be a solution to plastic pollution?

 COVID-19 tweaks Europe’s Green Deal

Climate-neutral scheme becomes key to European recovery plan

 Carbon-pricing after coronavirus

A Q&A on how the pandemic is affecting schemes designed to reduce emissions

 Airlines’ CO2 emissions grounded – for now

Pandemic mothballs least efficient planes but delays low-carbon replacements

 Social bonds ‘do things’ to counter coronavirus

Issuance finances healthcare and other pandemic responses

 Covid-19 and its potential long-term socio-economic implications

This podcast was recorded at the beginning of June 2020 and in it Professor Greg Clark, Global Head of Future Cities and New Industries at HSBC, talks about the potential long-term socio-economic implications of Covid-19. During the podcast Greg discusses the ongoing impact the pandemic could have on some specific sectors such as Healthcare, Sustainability, Real Estate and Transport Infrastructure

 Will sustainability matter to consumers after COVID-19?

The pandemic catalysed ESG trends despite financial pressures

 HSBC Europe: Sustainable Bonds as a Response to COVID-19

Watch our sustainable finance experts discuss some of the inaugural COVID-bond issuances we have seen in the market to date as examples of the growing green, social and sustainable bond market globally.
May 05, 2020 | 45 mins

 Leaving the city - How will life change if we commute less?

James Pomeroy, Economist, looks at the potential impact of the coronavirus lockdown on urbanisation trends.

 Sustainable strategies – How to minimise loss of sales and maximise demand while protecting your business

Your business thrives on sales – which is why any sudden dips in demand can take an instant toll on the company

 Conscience key to luxury buying after COVID-19

Brands must meet consumers’ demand for sustainable products

 ESG stocks did best in COVID-19 slump

Climate and sustainable investments outperformed as pandemic struck

 Coronavirus has sustainable consequences

For better or worse, COVID-19 can shape ESG issues from flying to work practices