Supporting Businesses through COVID-19

HSBC continues to monitor the situation very closely, liaising with government and public health officials in the countries where we operate. Our priority is the wellbeing of our customers and staff.


 Turning Temporary Pivots into Permanent Revenue Streams

Business owners everywhere have had to devise pivots to weather a global period of economic disruption and some have discovered that their pivots could become long-term revenue streams.

 Five Remote Working Cognitive Biases and How to Tackle Them

Here are five cognitive biases that could be unconsciously leading your remote team astray, and how to tackle them.

 8 Ways to Maximise Your Cash Resources: Lessons from a “Wartime CEO”

Read this article for top tips on optimising your business's cash flow to help you better your financial position when revenue is under threat.

 How A Crisis Management Plan Could Give You A Competitive Advantage

While no company is immune to catastrophic events, a crisis management plan could increase your resilience when one hits. Read on to find out more.

 Innovating During Tough Times: Lessons from a Virtual Ideation Expert

Difficult times can present opportunities for businesses to innovate. In fact, an organisation’s very survival may depend on its ability to generate forward-thinking ideas including product concepts, marketing strategies and more efficient processes and workflows.

 10 questions to ask before diversifying your business

There are many reasons why businesses may want to diversify their operations, this may be out of choice or through necessity. Find out which questions you should ask yourself before making your next move

 Could COVID-19 curb globalisation?

The pandemic has provoked calls for protectionism, re-shoring and shorter supply chains

 How to create a system that scales up

Reviewing your customer base and your sales cycle as attention shifts to recovery can help build a deep understanding of where the opportunities and risks lie, allowing you to manage those effectively to support recovery and growth.

 Ways to create a lean and efficient business

Boosting your business’ efficiency isn’t just important when things take a downturn. It can ensure you’re in a good position to support the rebuild of your business, maximise the opportunities of recovery, and build a sustainable business

 Managing cash to effectively support recovery

Strong cash management is key to helping your business recover and rebuild. As you anticipate sales increasing, you need to ensure your business is fully prepared to return to growth and even seize the opportunities that recovery could present.

 Nurturing the first shoots of recovery

As the world starts to recover, making sure your business is prepared for the upturn in demand will ensure you don’t miss out on opportunities to re-grow your business

 How monitoring risk can help you build a more robust recovery

When the initial threat passes and risk levels appear to recede, you might be forgiven for focusing on other priorities, but the smart businesses are those that maintain robust risk management practices as you return to growth.

 Lay waste to waste – Ways to boost efficiencies in a tough trading environment

When your business is hit by a severe slowdown, you may have to get very creative, very quickly.

 Ready flow – How to ensure cash can work to your advantage when the headwinds hit

In a sharp downturn, among the first challenges to hit your business will be the drop-off in revenue. And although you might be able to come to invoicing agreements with suppliers, staff and other fixed overheads will still need paying

 Protect and survive – how you can shield your business during the hard times

As consumers, we quickly feel the pinch when the economy is at a low ebb. Business operations, too, can rapidly buckle under the impact of extraordinary situations if decisive action isn’t taken – especially when the economic shock is unforeseen

 Understanding the fundamentals of foreign exchange risk in 5 minutes

Transactions in foreign currencies put you at the mercy of fluctuations in exchange rates. If they go one way, you could reap the rewards. If they go the other way, your profits could take a hit. To help you navigate the risk of overseas transactions in uncertain times, we’ve summarised the essential info you should bear in mind