Business Beyond COVID-19 – The Global Podcast Series

Welcome to Business Beyond COVID-19, HSBC’s podcast series about embracing business unusual through the global pandemic and beyond. We talk to industry leaders and experts to understand how they are adapting, reshaping and innovating through these extraordinary times.


HSBC UK hosted a virtual discussion in September with industry experts from the Tech sector to discuss the great digital acceleration of society and our working lives. Specifically focusing on customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) in a post-COVID-19 world, and how organisations are adapting to meet emerging customer needs



Listening time 12min

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Key takeaways for organisations to take advantage of technology during and beyond COVID-19:

  • Digital CX is a big priority, now more than ever with the decline in physical interactions
  • Brand loyalty now hinges on organisations being able to provide the same level of experience through digital
  • CX is all encompassing, taking into consideration all the touchpoints a customer has with your brand

  • If it’s not friction free, it doesn’t work
  • The relationship between business and customer is based on how easily people can digitally interact with them
  • Use technology to drive interaction and a personalised journey, like you would in the physical world

  • This accelerating trend will allow your business to operate in different and more agile ways of working
  • Focus on understanding your data better and driving changes to customer experience through the insight generated from this data
  • Don’t be scared of AI, it doesn’t have to be really technical


Stewart Smythe

The relationship between a business and its customers is all up for grabs, based on can they digitally interact with them and make it all super easy for people.

Stewart Smythe, Group CEO, Ascent Software


Don't try and boil the ocean, start small and iterate and learn and be prepared to fail, but try and deliver change in small incremental, bite sized chunks.

Stuart Dorman, Chief Innovation Officer, Sabio

Stewart Smythe


Stewart Smythe

One of the biggest impacts of Covid-19 has been to accelerate existing trends, no more so than in the way we interact with customers.

Roland Emmans, Head of Tech Sector, HSBC UK