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We understand that running and growing your business can be a challenge for small to medium size businesses, that’s why we want to provide you with the insights to help you realise your ambitions. Here you will find helpful articles with practical tips and inspiring business stories from your peers.

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 Business in the Americas: exiting the pandemic

Despite the disruption and global uncertainty of the past year, the entrepreneurial spirit of many businesses in North America has shone through the challenges. Here we explore how they have dealt positively with enforced transformation, and face the future with renewed confidence.

 UAE – Resetting for future prosperity

The United Arab Emirates has not been short of opportunity for the investment-minded during its short 50-year history. But although it has thrived in recent years as a diverse economy which has successfully embraced consumerism to become a powerhouse trading hub in the MENAT region.

 How data can boost operational efficiency during challenging times

Where do organisations stand to gain the most from forward looking insights achieved through a fusion of big data and digital analytics?

 10 questions to ask before diversifying your business

If you're weighing up entering a new market or launching new products, you'll need to answer some important questions before taking the plunge.

 How to defend your business from cyber criminals

The UK’s Office of National Statistics reported that almost half (46%) of all UK businesses experienced cyber breaches or attacks in 2020. That equates to around 3 million organisations. Now imagine that on a global scale.

 It’s time to start your ESG journey

What was until recently described as climate change, is now recognised as a climate emergency. There is ample evidence today proving that we urgently need to inject environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) into our lives.

 Click to grow: 7 lessons in e-commerce

It’s not new – but the constantly changing nature of the way we live our lives online means that e-commerce is a truly powerful weapon in the strategic toolkit of many small or medium-sized businesses.

 Finding purpose in your business

Your business may have values. It may have a vision and a mission statement. But does it have purpose?

 Greater Bay Area – a super-hub of opportunity

We’ve seen the likes of Tokyo, New York and San Francisco demonstrate opportunity on the world stage, but arguably nothing quite on the scale of The Greater Bay Area.

 Harness the power of empathy

How empathetic are you? The soft skill of understanding the thoughts, feelings and needs of others is actually a powerful strategic weapon for business leaders.

 Great prospects in the Greater Bay Area: 4 lessons in how to thrive

What makes the GBA such a fertile territory for SMEs with an international mind-set and how can businesses thrive in this region?

 Where are we headed? The experts’ view

Our panel of experts review the macro-economic fallout of Covid-19 and offer their take on what’s to come.

 Secure those funds: 5 key lessons

As SMEs, selling your ideas to potential investors is no easy task. Here we explore what you’ll need to consider in your search for funding.

 How sustainable principles can make you competitive

For smaller companies, winning business from the mid-market is challenging at the best of times. Here, we examine some key pointers you can employ to make a difference.

 Start-up stories

Most entrepreneurs will tell you that if you’re starting out in business, you have to be ready to strap in for quite the ride. We look at the stories of two start-up entrepreneurs who prove that there’s nothing straightforward on the road to achieving your ambitions.

Want to expand into new markets?

Whether you’re looking to expand into a new market or start your international journey we can provide you with the guidance you need to help you take that next step.

Inspiring Progressive Business

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