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Watch the replays here of our Drive 2021 event, providing practical tips for SMEs across a variety of topics to help scale your business.

Drive 2021 was a 3 week virtual event of speakers and networking tailored for small to medium size businesses on topics that matter most. Here you’ll find the replays of the sessions providing you with practical guidance and tips from experts and your peers to take back to your business.

Please note this event took place from 4 – 20 May 2021.

How to defend your business from cyber criminals

Cyber security guru Barry Searle shares an eye-opening journey through the variety of ways cyber criminals can ‘attack’ a business, the reasons they do so and shocking real-life examples of how some businesses have had their systems breached.

From this session, you’ll walk away armed with simple, tangible and easy-to-implement tips which could save your business from a cyber attack.

Starting your green journey: the benefits of doing business sustainably

Sustainability isn’t a buzzword. This panel session takes a deeper dive into what it really means to do business sustainably.

You’ll hear from Sarah Mui, co-founder of One Bite Design on their journey to become the first B Corp-certified architecture firm in Hong Kong, as well as picking up practical hints and tips from B-Corp’s James Ghaffari and HSBC’s Head of Sustainable Finance, Rob King.

How to succeed in ecommerce: lessons from the experts

Drive 2021 host Babita Sharma speaks to leaders from two e-commerce platforms – India's platform udaan and Hong Kong's SHOPLINE – about how SMEs can succeed in the fast-paced world of e-commerce.

They reflect on the changes in consumer behaviour brought about by the pandemic, as well as talking about what’s next for e-commerce. You’ll hear real-life inspirational stories and expert advice on how to get started and grow in this space.

What’s the Greater Bay Area?

In this introduction to the Greater Bay Area – or GBA for short – our panel of experts share the opportunities it presents for SMEs around the world looking to expand into Greater China.

Learn what it is (and what it isn’t) in this insightful session

How to thrive in the Greater Bay Area?

Following the first session introducing the Greater Bay Area, our second session on the region will take a practical look at how SMEs from outside can learn to thrive.

Join HSBC’s Raymond Ling and GBA experts to hear a real customer story giving you the knowledge and skills to take your growing business from strength to strength in this region.

Fundraising masterclass: how investment could power your growth?

In this ultimate fundraising masterclass, you’ll find out about the different types of investments, as well as the different funding stages and what investors are looking for – including that all-important pitch.

It also covers the added benefits of seeking funding, from access to new networks, marketing, supply chain connections and more.

Start up stories – how two founders tapped into the investor network

HSBC’s Sam Cooper-Gray speaks to founders Kim Palmer and Marc Lafleur about their decision to seek funding.

As well as hearing their stories about why they started their businesses, find out what it’s like to seek funding, the difference between types of investors and the potential pitfalls.

Green principles: how to gain a competitive edge with MNCs?

What are the ‘green principles’ and ‘green goals’ of multi-national corporations and why should supply chains care?

In this insightful session hosted by HSBC’s Winfield Wong, you’ll hear the stories of two SMEs who pivoted their operations to meet the green needs of their MNC clients and in doing so gained a competitive advantage.

Real-talk across the region: what’s next for businesses in the Americas?

Hosted by Sarah Stockdale, this session unpacks the mind-set of our eclectic panellists from Canada, the US and Mexico.

Discover the opportunities and challenges facing SME business-leaders across the region, hear from the panellists on both their personal and professional perspectives as leaders including their recent learnings and reflections from the disruptions caused in 2020. Plus, their insights on the USMCA, including how and where this plays into business decisions and trade opportunities they are seeing across the Americas and globally.

The experts’ view: what does 2021 and beyond look like?

Hosted by Babita Sharma, this truly global panel of experts share their insights into the macro-economic climate and trend predictions for a post-pandemic world.

Understand the latest supply chain shifts, the impact of innovation and digitisation on trade, what COVID-19 recovery might look like, changes in consumer behaviour and much more.

New rules, new investments and new business opportunities in the UAE

Expanding overseas can be a key strategy to improve company performance. Explore the new rules helping ease of doing business in the UAE, strategic policies and opportunity arising from diversification for international businesses.

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