Belt and Road Stories

Our universal banking model enables us to meet the different needs of every type of customer and offer a uniquely holistic approach to BRI opportunities, with product and client coverage teams that work closely together to provide solutions that support customers’ relevant financing, investment, payment and trade strategies.

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In my view, the Belt and Road Initiative provides two changes to the international trade landscape. It makes a link between more countries and people. Second, it obviously provides more benefits to local countries because local countries will have more choices and more resources to compare.

Wei Diao, Deputy Chief Financial Officer of AVIC-ENG

We are expanding along the Belt and Road countries with a sustainable business model. As one of the biggest textile and garment manufacturers in the world in terms of production volume, the key to our success is our corporate culture "For the Greater Good", to look at the bigger picture, less "me" and more "we".

Kenneth Lo, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director, Crystal International Group Limited

We will take advantage of the Belt and Road initiative and we can move along with the Belt and Road Initiative so it creates a bigger market for us.

Song Hoi-see, Founder/CEO of Plaza Premium Lounge

The Belt and Road can bring more demand for containers and also bring about the demand for the logistics business.

Siong Seng Teo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Singamas Container Holdings Limited