The Belt and Road Initiative

With a footprint across the key markets for the BRI in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, Europe and Latin America, we understand the markets where opportunities are opening up and are uniquely positioned to help businesses make the best of them.

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Mukhtar Hussain, Head of the Belt & Road Initiative and Business Corridors, Asia Pacific highlights how the Belt and Road Initiative is evolving since it first launched in 2013.

HSBC's commitment to the Belt and Road Initiative recognised in Asiamoney's New Silk Road Finance Awards 2020

We are pleased to have been recognised by Asiamoney in their annual 'New Silk Road Finance Awards 2020'. Our vision is aligned with the BRI's goal of achieving a higher quality, and more open, inclusive, sustainable and market-driven programme


Coronavirus recovery: China’s Belt and Road is the ideal route for developing nations

Mukhtar Hussain
As published in South China Morning Post

• There can be no global recovery, especially for developing countries, without a recovery in the cross-border flow of capital, goods and services

•As a cosmopolitan, high quality and sustainable network for investment and trade, the Belt and Road Initiative can make a vital contribution to restarting the world economy

The Belt and Road Initiative: Globalisation’s next chapter

Mukhtar Hussain
Written by (E) BrandConnect, a commercial division of The Economist Group

Launched in 2013 by China's president, Xi Jinping, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) envisaged a massive infrastructure build-out that would trace the "silk roads" that once traversed Eurasia and the seas connecting China to Africa

Connecting the world

Mukhtar Hussain
Written by (E) BrandConnect, a commercial division of The Economist Group

As part of a four-article series, HSBC examines how the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is evolving in response to the lessons and challenges experienced so far and what this could mean for the global economy, from climate change to regional economic development and from project governance to trade connectivity. Our second article explores how the BRI is moving from infrastructure projects to a broader focus on increased cross-border and international connectivity.

A Green Belt and Road

Mukhtar Hussain
Written by (E) BrandConnect, a commercial division of The Economist Group

Our third article explores the critical issue of climate change and the green agenda. How aligned is the BRI with global sustainability?

The Belt & Road’s global impact

Janet Henry, Global Chief Economist

The Belt & Road Initiative spreads far beyond China and now extends beyond infrastructure spending. The investment flows from Beijing are set to continue growing, but low-income countries need to find the right balance between providing infrastructure and increasing debt.

The BRI is breathing new life into the world’s largest inland port

Written by Quartz Creative on behalf of HSBC

How is one small German town transforming under the BRI?

From hydroelectricity to windfarms, the BRI is empowering nations

Written by Quartz Creative on behalf of HSBC

Large-scale BRI infrastructure projects are receiving much needed investment

The BRI is more than just infrastructure

Written by Quartz Creative on behalf of HSBC

Hear the term “Belt and Road,” and your mind may drift to the massive physical infrastructural projects that are primarily associated with the initiative.

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Belt and Road is about opportunity. For construction, logistics and energy companies; for exporters and for local and international investors, by galvanising fundraising and financial-markets activity across dozens of countries housing hundreds of millions of people in the coming years.