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HSBC has been named Best Overall International Bank for Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in the inaugural Asiamoney New Silk Road Finance Awards. Read more

The Belt and Road Initiative is vast encompassing countries that account for

29 %

of global GDP

HSBC has been named Best Overall International Bank for Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in the inaugural Asiamoney New Silk Road Finance Awards, reflecting the Bank’s commitment to being the leading financial partner to clients engaged in Belt and Road projects.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is creating enormous business opportunities throughout Asia, Africa and Europe which HSBC could help you exploit. Covering two trade routes, the overall objective is to increase regional trade and encourage economic cooperation.


  • Ensuring sustainability throughout the BRI

    Written by The Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of HSBC China is working hard to re-model environmental policy at home, but as the BRI picks up pace the country will need significant foreign investment to reach key sustainability targets
  • China’s push for green energy leadership

    Written by Quartz on behalf of HSBC Working towards becoming one of the global leaders in renewable energy development, China reiterated aggressive renewable energy goals in its 13th Five-Year Plan, with a target fuel mix featuring less than 60% coal by 2020.

We know the way

With our unrivalled heritage in China, global presence, leading service and financial expertise, we can show businesses the way. We also serve small-medium enterprises all the way up to large corporates.

  • Competitive global network with coverage of over 90% of global trade and capital flows.
  • Uniquely positioned product expertise including cross border and bespoke product solutions across investment banking and traditional banking, from sourcing targets to providing one-stop holistic solutions.
  • Leading international bank in China with the largest onshore network in China managing the highest inbound and outbound investment flows.
  • Leading international bank for Renminbi (RMB) offering a range of RMB products, services and expertise across more than 50 markets.
  • Leading bank in sustainable finance with expertise in raising debt capital for clients through green bonds and a long-standing commitment to developing and implementing environmental standards for the project finance industry.


Many countries along the Belt and Road routes lack the funds and the expertise to execute the projects involved, creating huge opportunities for international businesses from financial services to construction, supply chain management to professional services.

There will be more economic and financing activity, even more IPOs and M&As, and better development of the bond markets in this part of the world.

Helen Wong, chief executive officer, greater china HSBC

Are there opportunities for your business where Chinese organisations are investing along the Belt and Road routes?

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